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Round 3 starts in:

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Next Thursday at 2PM CEST



Minecraft: Java Edition on version 1.12


The Wumpus’ Universe Tournaments is a Minecraft: Java Edition based hunger games tournament that exists of three rounds.

The first one will last one full week. Everyone can hop on and it’s just regular hunger games.

Only the best 50% of the first round will be able to proceed to round 2.
This round is a little more exciting. In round 2 you play our self-made game called Village Infestion. This round is PvE based and the 20 players with the highest score continue to round 3.

Round 3 is a normal hunger-games round again. Except it’s not. We’re adding crazy items and loot to this round to make it interesting. And this round will last only 2 days aswell! Everyone who has reached this round will receive a prize, but your position in it will determine what prize you get.



Can I join with a cracked account?

No, the tournaments server only allows legitimate accounts.


But you can use something like mcleaks to join the tournament. This is 100% legal and quite easy to do.

You will need to have Minecraft before you do any of this. You get Minecraft at When you have that go to and follow the steps there. After all that you can generate an mcleaks account at and start playing!

When logging in with an mcleaks account don't forget to tick ''remember me''. If you don't you will need to use a new account the next time you log in and your progress in the tournament will be lost.

Your token will go invald after some time. But don't worry, use the renew page to continue playing with a new token but with the same name so you don't lose progress in the tournament


We can not guarantee that your progression won't be lost when using any of these third-party methods. So stay safe and buy Minecraft for realsies.

Will there be an option to play with the 1.8 combat system?

Not for this tournament. We might do that for later tournaments though.

Something broke and I can't play! (e.g. not whitelisted, fallback error, bugs, etc)

DM Mid#0001 on Discord with a brief explanation of what happened and we'll fix it as soon as possible!

Can I join via Pocket Edition?

Unfortunately, no. This tournament is hosted on the Java Edition. Cross-play only works for Bedrock editions like Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 Edition.

Who work on and monitor this project?

A common misconception is that NoNoel, the owner of W'U, is an administrator for this tournament.

This tournament is an initiative by Mid#0001 and a project hosted and created completely by Unity only for the Wumpus' Universe discord server.


Unity members who worked on creating this tournament are Mid#0001 and Jappie#0816. Please don't go spam or fanboy these people, but may a problem ever arise you can contact them.

All members from Unity have access to moderate the tournament. These people are not identifiable through a color or title and we rather keep them anonymous.

How do I report another user? (e.g. hacking, harrassment, etc)

In the server use the command /report (user) (reason) to report someone.

If a staffmember is online at the moment of the report he will be notified about it.

How will I know if I continue to the next round?

We will list all players that made it to the closed rounds (second and third ones) on this page.

But of course you can also just try joining the server when the round has started. If you can join, then you're in.

Where do I leave feedback or reports a bug?

DM Mid#0001 on Discord if you have any ideas or feedback for us.

We gladly take anything into consideration!

I have a question that was not listed here.

You're free to DM Mid#0001 on Discord anytime if you have a question that isn't answered yet.

How does Village Infestion work?

Village Infestion is our own unique gamemode, so it might be a little confusing at first. We hope it's quite self-explanatory when you join, but here's a guide anyway.


When you join, you get presented 4 kits before you. Select one of them to join the arena. The goal is to kill as many zombies as possible in one life. And that's basically it. Good luck!